Speaker at CAPIC-ACCPI ‘s NCIC pre-conference roundtable

Our Managing Partner, Brooke Finlay, has been selected as a speaker at CAPIC-ACCPI ‘s National Citizenship and Immigration Conference NCIC pre-conference roundtable.

This year’s conference theme is Making your Mark: Evolving Practice and Expanding Opportunities. The panel theme is innovation, invention, re-invention, adaptation and embracing technological change in immigration.

Brooke will be co-hosting the panel entitled “Business Bootcamp: Tips to Refreshing Your Practice” and is looking forward to sharing insights and ideas that she nurtured while completing her Master’s of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

“In our practices, we need to constantly be evaluating and re-evaluating how we’re creating value for our clients, the problems we’re solving for our them and how we’re serving them. Innovation is a mandatory part of this evaluation and necessary to remaining relevant. What worked in the past isn’t necessarily going to continue working in the future. Marty and I will be discussing topics from brand, idea generation and marketing to strategic planning, financial literacy and entrepreneurial mindset.”


More about the pre-con from CAPIC-ACCPI below!

Pre-conference Roundtable, October 27, 6 pm to 7:15 pm PT

Our pre-conference roundtable (registration full!) will focus on the next generation of leaders, innovators, and thinkers in the immigration consulting profession. Moderated once again by Peter Veress, we anticipate a thoughtful conversation on adaptation, re-invention and specialization as those around the table discuss how they are tackling and adapting to a world of online portals and AI in an increasingly technology-driven immigration profession! Don’t worry if you’re a seasoned industry vet, you’ll be sure to learn something from our innovators!

We are very happy to welcome to our roundtable Brooke Finlay, Noor Jinah, Martine Varekamp-Bos, and Anthony Lawley. We can’t wait to hear their thoughts! A cocktail reception and cash bar will follow the pre-conference roundtable.


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