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Are you an International Student with Entrepreneurial aspirations?

Have you identified a problem and have an idea to solve it but need assistance transforming your idea into a business model?

If you have the desire and drive to be your own boss and start up a business in Canada you may gain Canadian permanent residency through the Canadian Start Up Visa program.

The Canadian Start Up Visa program is ideal for high potential, innovative International Students or recent graduates from Canadian Universities who have an innovative idea to start a business in Canada that has the potential to create jobs and compete internationally.

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Advantages of the Start Up Visa Program for International Students

  • Gain permanent residence in Canada faster
  • Opportunity for you to work in Canada while the permanent residence application is in process (even if you’re not eligible for a post-graduation work permit!)
  • No minimum net worth requirement

Start Up Visa Requirements

To qualify for the official Canadian Start Up Visa Program you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have a qualifying business
  • Get a letter of support from a designated organisation (e.g. Empowered Startups)
  • Meet language requirements
  • Have enough funds to settle

Why work with us?

Whistler Immigration a trusted partner
Working with Whistler Immigration provides you with the benefit of unparalleled professional and quality service based on our many years of experience and success preparing and submitting Startup Visa applications. Our team has processed the most Startup Visa applications of any other firm in the Startup Visa Program.

Whistler Immigration is proud to be a trusted partner of Empowered Startups Ltd, a business incubator that specializes in supporting high potential, motivated entrepreneurial students who aspire to run their own innovative Canadian startup.

Empowered Startups a successful designated business incubator
You need a letter of support from a designated organisation and Empowered Startups is a very successful business incubator designated by IRCC. You don’t need to secure funding from the business incubator to support your startup idea.

Support and Mentorship
Empowered Startup’s holistic incubation program provides services that systematically support and mentor Student Entrepreneurs.

How does it work?

  1. You are an International Student or recent graduate from a Canadian University
  2. Have an innovative idea you want to launch from Canada.
  3. Contact us and provide us with your information.
  4. If accepted, complete the virtual entrepreneurship training program (Empowered Startups Platform) and receive an Offer of Acceptance to the Canadian Startup Visa Program.
  5. Launch your startup and immigrate to Canada.

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