Whistler Immigration supports Info-Session at Royal Roads University

Free info-session for International Students at the Royal Roads University

We are grateful to have the opportunity to support international students at Royal Roads University with valued immigration information. This free info-session was about Pathways to Permanent Residency through Express Entry and the BC PNP. At the end of the presentation participants engaged actively in the dedicated Q&A session.

We are proud to be able to support international students reach their dream of calling Canada home by offering support and strategic advice about Canada’s immigration programs for students and international graduates. Establishing an immigration strategy prior to graduation, and even prior to embarking on studies in Canada, is key to a successful transition to permanent residence.

The impact of International Students to Canada

International students make significant and impactful contributions to our society and communities across the country. International students have played a critical role in the pandemic filling essential front line occupations and will be instrumental in our economic recovery.

International students possess the skills and experience needed to support Canada’s aging population. In 1971, there were 6.6 people of working age for each senior. Today, the ratio is 3:1 and by 2035 will decrease to 2:1. Without a robust immigration plan, future generations would end up paying more to sustain our public services infrastructure.

Watch the recording of the session on April 15, 2021

Info-Session details from Royal Roads University